The FinishPro21LXP is an industrial medium head pinner that fills the gap between 1,2mm (18 gauge) brad nails and 0,6mm (23 gauge) micro pins. The 0,84mm (21 gauge) pins offers significant holding power with a much smaller indent than a 1,2mm (18 gauge) brad.

XtremePro Serie

Model Description
FinishPro21LXP FinishPro21LXP-ZX, brad nailer
FinishPro23LXP FinishPro23LXP-CZ, micro pinner
FinishPro23SXP FinishPro23SXP-CZ, micro pinner
FinishPro25XP FinishPro25XP, brad nailer 1,2mm (AX/AY)
FinishPro42XP FinishPro42XP, finish nailer 1,8mm (DA)
LS1XP LS1XP, brad nailer 1,2mm (AZ)
SBN10XP SBN10XP, brad nailer 1,2mm (AX/AY)
SLP20XP SLP20XP, brad nailer 1,2mm (AX/AY)
SLP20XPGLN SLP20XP GLN, glazing brad nailer 1,2mm (AX)